, Muskogee, OK

May 10, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - It’s cruel and criminal to allow vets to suffer

— Many people that are critical of the Affordable Care Act insist there are better alternatives, but they have not proposed a better one that people will accept.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Ben Sasse, president of Midland University and Nebraska Republican Senate candidate, wrote an article, April 3, 2014, for the Washington Examiner titled “Republicans can’t beat Obamacare without effective health care solution of their own.” They said the “Mission Accomplished” banner was the only thing missing in his speech.

While Sen. Lee and Mr. Sasse are solving our medical problems, they need to be working on recent problems reported with Phoenix Veterans’ Support. CNN has recently been reporting on delays in appointments and veterans’ deaths. They reported that 40 U.S veterans died while waiting for appointments at the VA Health Care in Phoenix. This is criminal and makes me, a disabled Korean combat veteran, very angry and should make others angry also.

People without insurance, especially in those states refusing the Medicaid expansion, will continue to go to emergency rooms (ERs) at higher costs and medical providers will pass this cost on to paying customers.  Many people, without insurance or medical support, die early because they will not get preventive care nor get needed mammograms and pap smears. They will leave diabetes untreated and skip needed medical procedures.

It is cruel and criminal to allow veterans and other people suffer and die because they don’t have adequate medical care and wrongful death suits need to be brought against people responsible.