, Muskogee, OK

June 10, 2013

Pick a place to police, please

— Action In Muskogee is asking you to get your hands dirty to keep Muskogee clean.

AIM is a group of community volunteers seeking to make changes in Muskogee.

AIM’s Clean and Beautiful Committee is seeking people to Adopt-a-Spot and help beautify Muskogee.

Adopt-a-Spot will launch sometime in the fall, but committee chair Wren Stratton is seeking help now to get ready.

Stratton said volunteers are being asked to find a part of Muskogee they are willing to care for and keep clean.

“You could do whatever you want to with the spot,” Stratton said. “It may include mowing. It could involve planting flowers.”

The program is open to individuals, organizations, even groups of friends or family willing to adopt-a-spot in Muskogee to keep clean and beautiful. Stratton said her “spot” is the Shawnee Bypass median between U.S. 69 and the Muskogee Turnpike.

This is one of the first initiatives announced by AIM.

It needs your support.

AIM has great intentions to make Muskogee a better place to live.

But the ideas need people willing to get the work done.

You can help

To sign up, or get information about Adopt-a-Spot, contact Wren Stratton at (918) 869-8453 or