, Muskogee, OK

May 14, 2013

Be proud of MPS’ top students

— We are proud of the caliber of student that Muskogee Public Schools produces each year.

This year is no exception.

MPS held its annual Academic Awards Banquet recently and honored 93 students.

The school district recognized the students with the highest grade-point average at each school in grades four through seven.

Students in grades eight through 12 were honored for cumulative grade-point average.

These students represent the brightest of the many bright students in the district.

These students deserve their day in the sun.

They have shown the dedication necessary to excel in school and in the workplace in later years.

In a society that casts hero worship on celebrities and athletes, it is important to remember there are many others who have earned their share of praise.

These students represent the future of our community, state, country and the world.

They should be proud of their work.

Muskogee Public Schools' academic honorees

Jose Arguijo, Hunter Avers, Caroline Barton, Kaleb Biglow, Jordan Bradley, Curtisiana Brown, Terah Bryson, Kalen Castor, Katelynn Catron, Andrew Chapuis, Matthew Chapuis, Gabriella Chitwood, Molly Cooper, Tye Covey, Caydon Crain, Kendra Dennis, Mattlyn Dragoo, Jocelyn Drywater, James Eaton, Emma Eaton, Stephanie Edwards,Keelie Englebrecht, Olivia Ericson, Joy Evans, Cloe Evidson, Ellen Fain, Tanner Felts, Kendall Few, Ashlee Fletcher, Imari Freeman, Hadley Garrett, Aniyah Gibbs, Braelyn Hale, Phillip Hamm, Millisa Henderson, Malindi Holder, Zuri Holder, Logan Howard, Makenna Hukill, Laura Jardine, Laysa Jimenez, Georgiann Johnson, Olivia Kinsey, Carson Lamont, Chloe Lamont, Gage Lee-WorthyHarris, Kate Lester, Noah Lester, Tori Liles, Isabella Locke, Jayccye Mariano, Brenden Martin, Katie Matthews, Bella McWilliams, Jaden McWilliams, Siearah Milton, Abby Mix , Anna Mix, Hollie Moore, Loren Moore, Karoline Newell, David Nunez, Braden O’Dell, Morgan Olmstead, Dylan Oney, Jasmin Pacheco, Zachary Page, Michelle Perkins, Angel Puckett, Maria Puckett, Madison Reavis, Makalynn Richardson, Mayci Roberts, Caitlyn Robinson, Maxwell Rosson, Camryn Runyan, Arrianna Salisbury, Sierra Sanders, Samantha Shafer, Sarah Space, Michael Thompson, Daliyah Tolefree, Bailey Tull, Malachi Walker, Caitlin Wardour, Abby Wayman, Hannah Webster, Laura Webster, Irene Weng, Jacob Wilbourn, Kyle Wilbourn, Luke Wilbourn, Jayden Williams.