, Muskogee, OK

May 14, 2013

Be grateful for student leadership

— Oklahoma School for the Blind students recently went out to do community service during their “Give Back Day.”

They helped pick up trash along the Illinois River and then cleaned up sections of Sequoyah City Park in Tahlequah.

The students are learning a valuable lesson about community, responsibility and leadership.

But they are teaching us as well.

There is one young man — and he apologized up front for this — that spoke bluntly, but honestly.

OSB senior Josh Reid asked a great question: “We may be blind. But we’re helping. Why aren’t you?”

 That’s a question everyone should ask themselves.

“Why don’t I help?”

Too often you hear complaints. Too often you see too little action to make the world a better place.

OSB students are leading the way for all of us.

We are proud of the OSB students for what they have learned and what they have taught us.