, Muskogee, OK

April 19, 2013

Road work good for Muskogee

— Upgrading the condition of our city’s roads will be a major undertaking and a positive move by the city of Muskogee.

The city will embark on a pavement maintenance program that will include at least 11 major resurfacing projects.

The program will be funded by a $2.5 million grant approved this week by the City of Muskogee Foundation.

The projects expected to be completed with the grant will address the needs of arterial streets that serve commercial districts. The remainder of the milling, asphalt and striping projects will upgrade some major collector streets.

This project is in addition to a five-year maintenance plan approved after voters passed a quarter-cent sales tax in 2009.

The beauty of the new plan is that the work could  begin as early as this summer.

The plan will improve city streets in a quick and noticeable way.

That could have a positive economic impact on the city.

Mayor Bob Coburn described the plan as a “real game-changer” for Muskogee. Coburn predicted it will bolster efforts to attract new businesses.

“A lot of what the foundation does affects 100 people or so here and there, but this will affect tons of people,” Coburn said. “This summer there will be street projects going on” from one end of town to the other.

The project has a great chance of satisfying both citizens and potential business owners.

Road work

Projects remove two inches of asphalt from road surface and replace it with new asphalt.

Location, Estimated cost

• Okmulgee Avenue: Main Street to K Street, $387,510.

• Eastside Boulevard: Okmulgee Avenue to Gibson Street, $444,890.

• York Street: North Street to Shawnee Bypass    $321,740.

• Broadway: Cherokee Street to Eastside Boulevard, $156,680.

• Martin Luther King Street: Fourth Street to 12th Street, $205,420.

• Martin Luther King Street: At Main Street, $13,210.

• Seventh Street: West Southside Boulevard to Okmulgee Avenue, $247,010.

• 24th Street: Border Street to Okmulgee Avenue, $258,830.

• 40th Street: Denver Street to Okmulgee Avenue, $48,940.

• Broadway and 12th Street: Intersection, $45,340.

• Court Street: 12th Street to Seventh Street, $45,340.

• Gibson Street: Eastside Boulevard to Willoughby Street, $258,970.*

• Court Street: Junction Street to 12th Street, $150,850.*

*Add-on projects dependent upon available funding.

Source: Muskogee Public Works Department