, Muskogee, OK

February 27, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Postponements in court frustrating

— It behooves me and many citizens of Muskogee how an individual can be charged with the physical assault of a child, arrested and then placed on administrative leave with pay at the taxpayers’ expense.

Although you set several court dates, they have been postponed without prior notice. This has caused a financial hardship as well as a physical and emotional one. Each time a court date was set, it involved missing work and our attorney traveling to Muskogee only to be told after arriving the case would not be held. It is my feeling, this was a deliberate act to try and discourage us.

Hopefully, the trial set for March 10, 2014, will not be canceled or postponed again and this incident will reflect the fairness of the D.A.’s office and justice will prevail.

It is not our intention to bring negative publicity to the city of Muskogee at a time the city is professing to improve its image. But, we will not sit idle and allow an injustice to be done without pursuing all avenues available to us.