, Muskogee, OK

November 14, 2013

Education is team effort

— Oklahoma’s A-F report cards on public school performance have drawn a lot of fire.

With three schools scoring an F, Muskogee Public Schools dropped from a C to a D- on the state’s report card.

Opponents doubt the validity of the system. They say the system accomplishes nothing but negatively labeling schools, educators and students. Others say changes in the system make accurate year-to-year comparisons impossible.

State Superintendent Janet Barresi says such complaints are from those in education fighting to maintain the status quo.

Proponents say the grading system is intended to foster more parental involvement by making it easier for parents to see how their child’s school is performing.

That goal is worth building upon. The system itself may be flawed. It has certainly prompted division and controversy, the opposite of that purpose.

Given the poor numbers here, remember three things you can do to help:

• Schools are responsible for teaching our children, but parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s education. Work with your child.

• We need to pull together to see that kids learn. Work with your child’s teachers. Volunteer to help at his or her school.

• Make sure your child arrives at school ready to learn. Children need to be well-rested and fed to be ready for school.

School report cards

2012, 2013

Muskogee Public Schools C, D-.

• Cherokee, D, D-.

• Creek, B, C.

• Ben Franklin Science Academy, C, D.

• Grant Foreman, C, D-.

• Harris-Jobe, C, F.

• Irving, C, C-.

• Pershing, C, D.

• Sadler Arts Academy, B, A-.

• Tony Goetz, B, B.

• Whittier, C, F.

• Alice Robertson Junior High, C, F.

• Muskogee High, B, B-.

Hilldale Public Schools, B, B.

• Lower Elementary, B, B.

• Upper Elementary, C, B.

• Middle School, B, B.

• High School, A, A.

Fort Gibson Public Schools B, B

• Intermediate School, B, C+.

• Early Learning Center, B, C+.

• Middle School, B, B+.

• High School, B, A.

Source: Oklahoma

Department of Education


• To see your child’s school’s complete A-F grade report, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Education website at and use the search option to find the district and school report.