, Muskogee, OK

October 29, 2012

Garrison deserves another term

— Education is the backbone of success in the United States.

Students have a much better opportunity to grow into productive, accomplished citizens with the benefit of a quality education.

Young people with good educations have a better chance to get a good job and live the American dream.

Education should be a priority to all of us, but especially for our legislators.

That is one major reason the Phoenix Editorial Board is endorsing incumbent Sen. Earl Garrison for Oklahoma State Senate District 9.

Garrison, a Muskogee Democrat who is seeking a third term in office, identified refunding public education as his top priority.

Republican challenger Barney S. Taylor, said public safety — corrections, child welfare and transportation — topped his legislative agenda.

Taylor’s opinion is not wrong.

However, Garrison’s priorities better match how to fix the present and the future.

Some of our public safety issues come from a lack of a quality education.

You can go a long way toward fixing these issues in the future by restoring, — and expanding — education funding to the state budget.

High-paying jobs won’t come to our state if we don’t have a well-educated, well-trained workforce waiting.

“Education has always been important to me. Public education has made this country what it is,” Garrison said. “We have lost about $200 million in funding ... and I would like to see us try to put that funding back.”

Garrison’s priority is our priority.

Incumbent Garrison has done a good job representing this area in his two terms. Change for change’s sake is not a good idea.

Garrison deserves another opportunity to get our school systems back on track financially.


The Muskogee Phoenix Editorial Board offers the following endorsements of key races in advance of the Nov. 6 general election. These endorsements were chosen by the permanent members of the board:

• Today: Oklahoma Senate, District 9.

• Wednesday: Oklahoma House, 14th District.

• Thursday: U.S. Congress, 2nd District.

• Friday: Muskogee County Sheriff.