, Muskogee, OK

August 26, 2013

OMHOF decision makes sense

— Separating the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony from the concert is a great way to keep local flavor and improve fundraising.

OMHOF officials announced a two-part induction process for 2013.

The actual induction will take place at the OMHOF on Oct. 14. The concert, headlined by the Swon Brothers, will be held Oct. 15 at the Mabee Center in Tulsa.

The induction becomes a centerpiece event for Muskogee instead of a part of the concert night.

The OMHOF building is a very intimate setting for an induction. It will allow for a more up-close and personal feel for the inductions.

It retains the pride and ownership of local patrons and donors of the OMHOF even as the concert is moved out of town.

OMHOF officials will get an opportunity to see if a larger venue set in a larger population base will improve ticket sales to the concert.

The induction concert has not been as well-attended as needed for the OMHOF to raise significant capital.

Moving the concert to Tulsa will bring the population base of a metropolitan area into play. There are way more potential concert-goers there than here.

The Mabee Center has the flexibility to be set up for 2,700 ticket-holders or expand to as many as 11,300. That’s significantly more than the Civic Center.

OMHOF would have to consider moving the concert out of Muskogee on a permanent basis if this year’s concert is a huge success. If the Swon Brothers and this year’s inductees — to be announced — can pull in excess of 10,000, it would be a no-brainer to take the concert on the road in subsequent years.

OMHOF officials have struck a great balance by separating the induction and concert.

Muskogee area OMHOF supporters can feel as if they are investing in a uniquely Muskogee attraction. And the OMHOF can grow the funds needed to create growth for the museum.