, Muskogee, OK

April 15, 2014

Be proud of stormwater work in city

— The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality honored Muskogee’s stormwater management program during a recent ceremony in Tahlequah.

It is good to be recognized for work done well.

“I am pleased when a program in Public Works is recognized for the efforts staff has put forth,” Public Works Director Mike Stewart said. “Francie Martin, the city’s stormwater compliance officer, works diligently to improve the quality of life in Muskogee through the stormwater program — I am very proud of her efforts.”

We should all be proud of our city’s work to manage stormwater. We approved impervious surface and stormwater fees assessed to address drainage problems and similar issues.

The comprehensive drainage plan helps to collect and control runoff, reducing flooding. Efforts also work to eliminate pollution that would otherwise end up in area streams, rivers and lakes.

The city is dealing with neighborhood flooding problems through stormwater detention basins. Crews are working on a stormwater detention basin southeast of the York Street and Chandler Road intersection. A second basin is on a five-acre tract north of Chandler Road between Anthony Street and David Lane.

The city has collected a large number of discarded tires and significant amounts of household pollutants through free hazardous waste disposal events sponsored by the stormwater management system. Much of this material might otherwise have ended up in waters flowing through our area.

The fees are permitting improvements and the city has been honored for the work.

Kudos to all.