, Muskogee, OK

June 7, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK —Do not let family sway moral stand

— Several recent newspaper and magazine articles have pointed out that a major factor in the success of the sodomite agenda is that many people who had previously been opposed to this wickedness are now finding it acceptable. Their change of position is usually due to the fact that one of their relatives “came out of the closet.” What is God’s opinion of people like this?

In Matthew 10:34-37, Christ declared that being his disciple might cost a person the love of all his friends and family. In verse 37 he concluded this discussion by saying that those who love their family more than him aren’t worthy of him.

What do people say nowadays? “My son, daughter, etc. is gay, so I have to accept them.”

Well, most of us nowadays probably have sodomite relatives. But if our ideas of what is right and wrong are based on such a changeable thing as our relative’s morals, we have no concept of real Christianity and we are no friend of Christ’s, as the passage above declares.

The modern church is, in general, not helping matters, Many churches that admit sodomy is a sin will weaken their stance against it by saying it is no worse a sin than any other. This is just not so.

Sodomy is one of the few sins that scripture calls an abomination, and it is the only sin that God supernaturally destroyed whole cities for as a warning to those who would practice it (Jude 7).

Other churches are saying sodomy is perfectly acceptable. All I would say to them is, repent, lest you be damned with those evildoers you are coddling. A message of repentance is the most loving thing Christians can tell sodomites and their supporters.

Brethren, if the Supreme Court legalizes sodomy nationwide, we may very well face strong governmental persecution, even as Christians in Canada and other countries are.

I thank God that every earthly court will one day answer to THE Supreme Court of Heaven. Let us speak boldly against sodomy, as against all sin, not fearing man but God (Matthew 10:28).


Fort Gibson