, Muskogee, OK

February 21, 2014

Schools thankful for Cherokees

— At a time when the state education budget continues to plummet, it is fortunate schools in our area can depend on the Cherokee Nation to help boost funding.

Cherokee Nation contributions to 91 area school districts rose $200,000 to $3.4 million this year. Schools in Muskogee County received nearly 10 percent of all money distributed — $325,067.06.

The tribe’s $31.3 million contribution since 2001 comes from a license plate compact with the state. Each year the tribe allocates 38 percent of tax revenue from the sale of tribal car tags to help school districts in the tribe’s 14-county jurisdiction.

Although the funds are based on the number of Cherokee students enrolled at each school, the money goes to every student.

It’s a true gift. It has no strings attached. The schools can use it however seen fit.

Here in town, Muskogee received $97,641.66 and Hilldale received $64,689.29. Fort Gibson received $86,432.45.

School officials are appreciative of the Cherokee’s generosity, and so are we.

Education is key to a successful community. Every dollar received by the area schools will benefit all of our futures.

Funds received

Muskogee County school districts receiving funds during 2014 Cherokee Nation Public School Appreciation Day:

Braggs Public Schools    $7,022.64

Fort Gibson Public Schools    $86,432.45

Hilldale Public Schools    $64,689.29

Muskogee Public Schools    $97,641.66

Oklahoma School for the Blind    $1,080.41

Porum Public Schools    $18,772.05

Warner Public Schools    $36,463.69

Webbers Falls Public Schools    $12,964.87

Total    $325,067.06