, Muskogee, OK

November 26, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Personal contact better than complaint

— I would like to tell this to you in person, but, since I do not know who you are this was the only other option I knew other than posting a BIG sign in my front yard (which may happen).

If it is one of my neighbors, you could have came and talked to me instead of complaining to the city. If it is the city of Muskogee — what happened to someone knocking on the door and asking a few questions or posting a contact on the door first? You know where I live.

I actually care about what my place looks like. A couple of months ago I had to tear down a small storage building and I stored those items under my carport to keep them dry. They are covered. I have every intention of moving them back into a storage room.

This year has been kind of rough for me, but I will be fine. On top of everything else now I have to deal with worrying about being fined from the city of Muskogee in 15 days, because my stuff must be such an eyesore to someone. Instead of talking to me about it or even asking what it was there for, they would rather meddle in my business.

After the year I have had, I truly have the fortitude to handle whatever comes my way. I just wish I had the chance to speak to the person instead of now having to worry if I have a nosy gutless neighbor or if the city is getting bored and needing money for the Christmas holiday? Either way, if it does not concern you, mind your own business. I am in the phone book and you apparently know where I live and you do know how to use your mouth because you got a response, just not what you expected I imagine.

Kat Rhyne