, Muskogee, OK

October 3, 2013

Churches display their love

— It’s when tragedy strikes that you know who are your real friends.

The members of the Okay United Methodist Church know who they can call friends.

Many people have responded with help after fire destroyed their church Aug. 17.

Okay’s pastor, the Rev. Stephanie Crogan, said many churches offered support after the fire.

“We received over 100 cards from churches,” Crogan said. “We got some from Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado. Some of them contained money.”

Area churches including First United Methodist of Fort Gibson and Hulbert United Methodist hosted the Okay congregation for worship, she said.

First Baptist Church of Okay gave the congregation hymnals.

And this past week, the choir from First United Methodist Church of Eufaula performed a Reach Out and Touch Concert at the First United Methodist Church of Muskogee.

That’s the beauty of our community.

A church choir from Eufaula sang at a Muskogee church to help church members in Okay.

People at their core are good.

Friendship among churches should be celebrated.

And it’s good to know that it can be counted on when tragic circumstances require it.