, Muskogee, OK

May 10, 2013

Thank you - 05.11.13

— ON BEHALF OF our family, I would like to extend sincerest appreciation to everyone at Cornerstone Funeral Home and Crematory for your kindness and compassion during the loss of our mother, Tilda M. Price.

To everyone involved at Muskogee Marble and Granite, especially Christie Geisler, thank you for your patience, attention to detail and knowledgeable assistance. To the two young men (TJ and Ryan, maybe?) who placed the monument at Greenhill Cemetery, your concern for getting it set “just right” meant a great deal. Bob Logston, you were a good friend and neighbor to mom and we are forever grateful. Georgia Coy, thank you so much for your help and concern. To Kenneth Blackburn and James Keasling, mom loved her home, thank you so much for helping her stay there 27 years.

To everyone who extended their sympathy in any way, by whatever means, we are grateful for your efforts to offer comfort during one of the saddest times of our lives.

Janice Howard and family

MEMBERS OF THE planning committee, Bacone College Associate Degree Nursing Alumni, friends and family want to express our appreciation to the persons who made the 50th Reunion a success this past Saturday, May 4, at the Bacone College Commons.

The event allowed alumni, family and friends of the nursing program to enjoy the opportunity to reminisce about their experiences as students and faculty, hear stories of the founding of the program in 1963, and celebrated 50 years of the nursing program’s existence, the first associate degree nursing program in Oklahoma. Local alumni joined alumni and families who came from great distances and many states to share in this once-in-a-lifetime event honoring the college and the 1,600 nursing graduates. Many nursing graduates have served the greater Muskogee area and Northeast Oklahoma to alleviate the nursing shortage over the years.

Special thanks is due to those who provided funds for the event including the lovely luncheon: CCOM Medical Group, Dr. Dennis Rivero, Soper Eye Center, Global Health Inc., EASTAR Health Systems, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith, Ann Ong, Oklahoma Nurses Association Region 3, Advanced Urology and Wellness Center, Sodexo Catering. Without the labor-intensive planning committee’s work over the past six months and the generosity of many, the event would not have happened nor have been such a wonderful event. Many thanks to many folks.

Peggy Parsons

and members of the planning committee

THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS finals are happening in Stillwater this week. The Hilldale group left yesterday morning at 8 a.m. Since I have a child who was going, I went to see that he got away OK. As a grandmother I was also wanted to make sure he was OK about going once it came right down to it.

As we waited for the bus to get to the waiting area, I was pleasantly surprised when the red activity bus pulled up. These athletes were going in style on the cool activity bus. The students were putting the standard items on the bus and acting as students do when they are excited about something. I was watching them play around when I looked towards the school to see students pouring out of the doors. We had been told some of the kids were coming out to send our students off.

I was amazed to see the band, cheerleaders, teachers, and coaches all there to send our athletes off. The band was playing, cheerleaders cheering and students yelling good luck words and good-natured kidding at the athletes. As the students were ready to enter the bus, the cheerleaders gathered as they do for other athletes and the students got to run under the arch that had been formed for them. By this time it was hard to control my emotions as each of these students just want to be accepted.

This picture will forever be with me as each of the athletes were grinning ear to ear. They will probably remember the departing scenario much longer than perhaps the Special Olympic games themselves. I would just like to thank you each for the send-off that was prepared for them.

I am proud to be associated with a school that tries so hard to see each child as a person and someone with feelings. If you were there yesterday you would see that Hilldale is definitely a school to be proud of. Thank you to the superintendent, teachers, students and others who participated in the send-off.

Cindy O’Keefe