, Muskogee, OK

February 19, 2013

Computers help students learn

— Students using technology to learn will benefit themselves now and society in the future.

Second- and third-graders at Wagoner’s W.R. Teague Elementary are using colorful, child-sized tablet computers called nabis.

The students use the tablets to help them learn spelling, math and other subjects.

Each of Teague’s 361 students has a nabi, funded by a Title 1 Academic Achievement Award. The school won the nearly $50,000 award for showing continuous growth in math and reading scores.

The students are embracing the tablets.

“... The students enjoy them,” said Teague Elementary Principal Penny Risley. “They love them.”

That’s a big part of learning.

Children are naturally curious. Any adult who watches a child fix the settings on their smart phone knows children are not afraid of technology.

Children who find the method of learning to be fun will get more out of the lesson.

Wagoner’s students should be applauded for their progress in math and reading.

That learning earned the award that paid for the tablets.

Those tablets will help students learn more and a good education will put them on a path to being better citizens.