, Muskogee, OK

March 23, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - GML Tour well worth seeing

— Central Baptist Church in Muskogee on East Side Boulevard hosted the GML Tour, which is making the rounds all across the state to get tell about our American history accurately and as dramatized by three pastors — Paul Blair from Edmond, Dan Fisher from Yukon (and state Rep. District 60), and Mark Kesslin. In period costumes and a mesmerizing Power Point presentation, these three speakers held the audience spellbound so that the three-hour presentation flew by unbelievably rapidly.

Dan Fisher portrayed the Revolutionary War clergyman, Peter Muhlenburg, dressed in a black clerical robe under which he wore his colonial military officer's  uniform. After preaching the Sunday morning sermon, he removed his robe and led 300 of his churchmen to serve as a regiment under the leadership of Gen. George Washington ready to fight for liberty and God-given freedom. It was the clergy who led in the opposition to England’s tyranny then and clergy today who need to demonstrate effective and bold leadership in the tyranny overwhelming our nation now.

After the presentation, attendees were able to purchase DVDs, books and other items to reinforce the lessons learned from the presentations. There were original historical documents and memorabilia on display  including authentic, original and heavy 1776 firearms which many in the audience examined and held. The speakers told the audience how to get involved in activism to deal with unconstitutional government overreach.

At the April 3 Patriot Townhall meeting in the library at 6:30 p.m., the program will include the showing of the DVD documentary film “Nullification” dealing with constitutional states' rights. Copies of DVDs “Bringing Back the Black Robe Regiment” and “Nullification” will be available for sale at the townhall meeting.

The tour will be hosted Saturday, April 19 at 5:30 p.m. at Crescent Valley Baptist Church on the way to Tahlequah. By all means, those who saw the Muskogee tour will want to see it again and those who have never seen it, make every effort to see it near Tahlequah.