, Muskogee, OK

November 21, 2012

Be thankful today, always

— On this holiday, remember to be thankful for those things you cherish most in life.

Be thankful:

• We live in a country where our political differences can be played out in a ballot box and not with rockets and grenades;

• We live in a country where hard work is the best chance for success;

• We live in a country where compassion is the rule and not the exception;

• We have people willing to dedicate their lives to public service;

• There are people willing to risk their lives every day for your protection — firefighters, law enforcement officers and other first-responders;

• For men and women who are willing to defend our country;

• We have the right to disagree with our leaders and survive;

• We live in a society run by the people and not a country ruled by a dictator;

• For those people in your life who make you laugh;

• For those people who inspired you to success;

• For those people who picked you up after failure;

 • If you have your health, but always work to make it better;

• You have friends in your life, they make both good and bad times better;

• You have family. We can choose our friends, but families are forever;

• If you have a job and a house. There are others not as fortunate;

• There are children such as Stacy Ellis’ 7-year-old daughter Sophie, who understands the meaning of the Salvation Army Angel Tree:

“It’s to help other kids. Because the Bible tells us to.”