, Muskogee, OK

February 27, 2013

Teach children fire safety

— Kypton Greenwood is a hero.

Kypton, a 3-year-old, recently woke up his stepmom to tell her, “Mommy, my bed’s on fire.”

Kendel Ames says Kypton’s actions saved three lives.

Kypton, Ames and her boyfriend — Kypton’s dad, BJ Greenwood — were able to get out of the burning home in time.

Kypton’s quick actions should be applauded.

“He’s a hero, pretty much,” Ames said.

We agree.

Kypton had to walk through his burning home to get to Kendel and BJ’s bedroom.

Children should be taught fire safety as early as possible.

Among the lessons that area firefighters taught children during National Fire Prevention Week in October:

• The importance of having an escape strategy in the event of a fire.

• How to check doors to make sure there is no fire on the other side.

• Learn two exits to your house.

• Meet in a pre-determined place and take a head count to ensure everyone gets out of a fire safely.

• How to “stop, drop and roll,” along with other safety tips, ranging from avoiding playing around the stove to the difference between “tools and toys.”

Parents should teach their children fire prevention and safety tips to avoid tragedies.

Kypton is a precocious boy who wanted to engage our reporter in a spitting contest.

He also is a hero.

Everyone should be proud of Kypton for keeping his cool in a very dangerous situation and helping save lives.