, Muskogee, OK

September 26, 2011

Muskogee police report


231 Douglas St., Thursday, domestic.

224 S. C St., Monday, domestic.

Independence and G streets, Monday, with a knife.

1201 Hartford St., Tuesday, domestic.

211 E. Cincinnati St., Friday.

2102 Oklahoma St., Thursday, domestic.

826 N. C St., Saturday, domestic.

1200 Wood St., Sunday, domestic with hands.


304 N. 15th St., Thursday, property removed from residence.

106 N. M St., Sept. 8-12, property removed from residence.

Eagle Crest Golf Course, 4703 Border St., Thursday, illegal entry of business.

4400 Gibson St., Aug. 20, property removed from residence.

2505 Military Drive, Monday, property destroyed.

Unspecified address, unspecified date, burglary, attempted sexual assault and preventing a 911 call.


Housing 2000, 1616 N. 16th St., Friday-Monday, air conditioning unit.

806 N. 16th St., Thursday-Monday, air conditioning unit.

Walmart, 1000 W. Shawnee Bypass, Monday, merchandise.