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December 1, 2011

He's figured it out before: OSU aide Monken beat OU while under Miles

STILLWATER – Oklahoma State’s first-year offensive coordinator Todd Monken knows how it feels to beat Oklahoma in a Bedlam game.

The Cowboys beat OU 38-28 in Monken’s first year on the OSU staff as Poke coach Les Miles’ pass-game coordinator and wide receivers coach.

Monken followed Miles to Louisiana State in 2005-2006 and spent 2007-2010 as a wide receivers coach for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

OSU coach Mike Gundy hired Monken as his offensive coordinator this year.

Could history repeat in Monken’s first year back with Cowboys?

Monken seems confident that OSU’s offense will be ready to play at 7 p.m. Saturday in Boone-Pickens Stadium.

Practices have been going well and Oklahoma State’s offensive game plan will try to take advantage of an aggressive Oklahoma defense.

“They fly around to the football. They don’t want to give you anything. They’ve been that way for a while,” Monken said.

The Sooner defense doesn’t want their opposition to be able to run or throw, he said.  The defense attacks constantly and their main goal is disrupting the quarterback.

“They attack you almost like you try to attack a defense,” he said. “The key is ... trying to keep that from happening. If you can, then you have a shot.”

The 2011 Oklahoma State offense is vastly different from the offense OSU ran in 2002. Nothing from the 2002 game plan will translate to the 2011 game plan, Monken said.

The attitude of the 2002 team can be instilled in this year’s Oklahoma State squad, Monken said. The members of the 2002 team believed they could win.

“I know Les believed, but I don’t know if anyone else believed it even though we won,” Monken said.

Miles always believed in his team, Monken said. He believed the players would play well. The coaches would design a great game plan and his team would find a way to win.

“That’s what you try to get across to your guys. Every year is different. We have a good football team. This is not an upset. This isn’t an 2001 or 2002 when you’re big underdogs. ... This is two good football teams that are going to play. When two good football teams play somebody is going to lose. That’s just the way it is.”

The Oklahoma State offensive coordinator said he thinks this team knows its a good football team. The squad also believes it can beat OU.

“We’ve been scared a little by the last game. ... You have to rally and say ‘we’re a good football team.’ The bottom line is this is what you’ve hoped for. ... You wanted to play for a championship. The game is here. This is what you wanted. Don’t fear it. Embrace it and go do it,” Monken said.

Day is sports editor for the Stillwater NewsPress.

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