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June 22, 2013

Ringing another Bell

Rougher junior comes from famed lineage



Blankenship said that Terrel Dean, or Buchanan as he was listed as the second-leading rusher at Union a year ago, said in  a text late this week that he was “rumored” to be back at Union. “I haven’t seen him since (TU) camp,” Blankenship said. The team was in the process of getting a hardship wavier from the OSSAA to make Dean eligible. His mom’s side of the family goes by Dean.  That would likely shift one of the defensive players with running back experience, Sammy Richardson or Mackenzie McCall, back to some responsibility with Tyriq Beasley in the MHS backfield...

A team camp at Indian Bowl wrapped this week. That combined with the TU camp has had Blankenship impressed. “We’ve had some moments where things happened and the kids would look at each other like ‘hey, we’re going to be all right and I’m like to them, ‘I told you so.’ Feels less like it’s less chipping away and baby steps we’re doing things than real progress. We’re not naive. We know we’ve still got the same schedule ahead of us, but we’re hopeful the progress we’ve seen continues to pan out.”

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