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April 18, 2013

Revamped Hilltop surface said to be spiffy

Hilltop Arena is back!

Equine Speed Productions offered their first barrel race there Sunday and had 43 entries in the open. Everyone said the ground was the best they have ever seen there. Chad Webb and Dionne Teehee have purchased a new groundhog and they are doing a complete remodel on the arena. There will be another race there this Sunday, exhibitions at 11 a.m. and the race at 2 p.m. Three-D Poles will lead off followed by 3-D 12-and-under youth barrels. Entry fee for each is $15 with full-second splits and no facility charge on either of these classes. The open is a 5D format with half-second splits. In the open the entry fee for your first horse is $30 then $25 on additional horses. There is an 80 percent payback in all classes – equal payout. Contact Greg Stromme at (918) 629-4734 for more information. Hilltop Arena is located immediately east of the Pilot Truck Stop on U.S. 69 north of Muskogee.

The Coweta Round-Up Club had another great barrel race last Monday evening with 39 entries in the open and 9 in the Youth (13-and-under). This makes week number three of their six week series. For more information on this series go to

Barton Arena Productions’ last roping this season at Double D Arena in Poteau, which was scheduled for Saturday, is canceled due to the recent fire that occurred at the Arena Steakhouse. They will return to the Double D in October.

The Barton crew and steers will be at the Checotah Round-Up Club Arena on Friday. They will have a #10 with a #8 Incentive Saddle Drawpot. Ropers can enter one draw one for $40 or draw both, capped at 6E. There is a $20 prize fee required. A saddle certificate or cash will be awarded to High Money Winner. They must have 47 ropers to award the saddle certificate. Books open at 7:15 p.m. and close at 8 p.m. Contact Bart at (918) 616-9269.

On Saturday, Rangeline Arena will be offering one of their monthly Buckle ropings. Bob Berg Buckles are awarded to the average and incentive winners. Trophy breast collars are awarded to second in the average. Books open at 9 a.m. and rope at 10 a.m. The first roping will be a #6 with a #4 incentive, capped at #3, pick one draw two at $45 a roper. Ropers can enter two times. This roping will be followed by an all-girl roping. Ropers for this class need to be entered by noon, pick one draw two at $45 a roper, enter two times. The next class will be a #10 with a #8 incentive. Entries for this class will close at 2 p.m. pick one draw two at $60 a roper, enter up to four times, capped at #6, incentive capped at #5. This will be a four-head progressive, incentive paid on three head.

Rangeline Arena will be offering $1,500 in added money at their team roping on Saturday, April 27. Books open at noon and rope at 1 p.m. There will be a #13 roping at $40 a roper with $750 added, enter up to ten times. This will be followed by a #11 roping, also at $40 a roper and $750 added. A #10 roping with a #8 incentive will follow the #13 and #11 ropings. Pick one draw two at $50 a roper, enter up to three times. For more information on Rangeline or these ropings call Rick Hubler at (918) 557-9951 or check out Rangeline Arena on Facebook.

Next Sunday Rangeline will be holding their last shodeo of the series. The shodeo starts at 3 p.m. if you would like to go down and watch these future champions.

Beginning the first Thursday evening in May, the Muskogee Round-Up Club will produce an 8-week barrel series. As awards they will be offering magnetic sheets for your horses. Again – you can go to the Barrel Horse World website on the events page for more information. There will be a handbill on the website shortly or call me for more information.

No sorting this week at the Hillbilly Ranch and Arena. They will try again next Friday, April 26.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Reach Rhonda Stewart with rodeo news or comments at or 918-869-1498.

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