, Muskogee, OK


September 18, 2009

Bowhunting season offers opportunity for all ages

We are 13 days from the opening day of bow season, 2009.

Hunters from all over the state will be hitting the woods in search of the whitetail deer beginning Oct. 1. I have been bowhunting for over 25 years and shoot competitive archery during the off- season. I find bowhunting magical and just as exciting now at age 51 as I did as a young man

I decided to pick up a bow after watching videos of Fred Bear, who made archery seem like a sport that challenges the best of hunters. The first bow I shot was a Ben Pearson fiberglass bow that belonged to my uncle. I used it during summers staying at my grandmother’s house in Seminole. I got my nickname Daniel Boone which I still have today from days in the woods as a youth spending all day in the woods.

Archery is a passion of mine. I’m very active in promoting the sport and showing others how to bow hunt. It’s a family sport that the whole family can enjoy. Trey Woods and his father Robert Woods of Wagoner have been shooting since Trey started pulling a bow around the age of 3. I know girls who are around 10 years old who hunt with their fathers. I recently spent a day introducing 300 middle school girls to archery and brought a 3D target of a deer for illustration’s sake, and the girls loved shooting it.

Women bowhunters are very popular today. Tiffiany Lowkoski of the hunting show “The Crush with Lee and Tiffany” has become one of the most popular hunting shows today — more popular than most male-dominated hunting shows on TV. It airs on the Outdoor Channel, available on various satellite networks. My archery coach, Dean Pridgean, is 72 years young and a legend in the sport who can still shoot and hunt with many men younger than him. Every year we always share a hunt on my lease in Wagoner County. I also share the woods with my older brother who in his 50s recently took up bowhunting.

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