, Muskogee, OK


November 8, 2013

Know your teammate

Does Zach know Zach? Zach may know the Zach in the mirror but what about the other Zach, who happens to play the same positions (wideout and defensive back) as Zach?  We speak of Zach Drain and Zach Peterson and let’s see how well Drain knows Peterson as the two Fort Gibson Tigers get ready for a key game against Sallisaw as we wrap up another season.

Who was your first crush and how old were you?

Peterson: “Shakira and I was 11 years old.”

Drain: “It was a teacher and I can’t remember how old he was.”

Please, do we have to go a faculty search for a teacher named Shakira? No, we’ll count this as a miss.

What’s your pet peeve?

Peterson: “When people smack when eating or chewing gum.”

Drain: “Chewing nails.”

That’s half credit for the chewing, but mint-flavored nails? Not on your life.

What’s your main ESPN highlight moment – practice or game – and be specific:

Peterson: “An 85-yard kickoff return in a game against Broken Bow.”

Drain: “Catching a touchdown pass against Tahlequah.”

Used to, beating Broken Bow was a highlight. Now, they’re just Broken. No touchdown pass here yet.

What part of the uniform looks good on you?

Peterson: “My pants, because they make my butt look good.”

Drain: “Jersey.”

I don’t know about you Drain but Peterson, here’s betting Coach Singleton would prefer that’s all Sallisaw is chasing tonight.

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