, Muskogee, OK

June 23, 2013

Another new sprint champ in heavy night of Outlaw racing

Phoenix staff, wire reports

— Sand Springs’ Danny Smith pulled off a thrilling slide job in turn four of the last lap to best Terry Easum and in doing so, became the eighth different winner in 10 Oil Capital Racing Series events this season in the stop late Saturday at Outlaw Motorsports Park.

Smith would start outside row four in the 25-lap feature while Billy Frazier and David Stephenson, who was driving a team car to Smith's after crashing his own car badly a couple of weeks ago, would start on the front row of the 22-car field. Frazier shot into the lead as the field went green with

Easum moving up from his second row spot to get second. Easum pushed past Frazier in turn two to take the immediate lead while Stephenson would pull into the third spot and settle in. Defending OCRS champion Jamie Passmore would blow an oil line on the 12th lap, rolling to a stop in turn one, and the excess oil caused points leader Harli White to spin to a stop and Chance Morton to pile into the fray.

Morton’s night ended and White would start tail back on the resumption. The red flag was brought out when the oil began to flare up. Passmore escaped with very minor burns to his leg.

On the restart, Smith passed teammate Stephenson and  Frazier to take the runner-up position and Stephenson then overtook Frazier to retain the third position. Soon after, Johnny Kent would take the fourth position from Frazier.

Easum, who was looking to become the sixth driver this season to get his first OCRS win, was keeping a good pace and managed to keep Smith at bay for a spell. With five laps left, Smith would begin to inch closer to Easum. Coming down for the white flag, Smith pulled dead even with Easum at the stripe and the two stayed dead even going through turns one and two with Smith hugging the bottom and Easum up top.

Smith would rocket off the low line to take the lead as the pair went screaming down the backstretch. As they went charging into turn three, Easum put a slide job on Smith and took the lead. Smith set his car perfectly for a return slide job in turn four, took the lead back and held on to win by one measly car length. 

The win for Smith, which moved him into second place in points, made for the fifth consecutive new winner without a 2013 repeat victor. Easum held on for the runner-up spot with Stephenson, Frazier and Kent making up the top five. Alex Sewell, Brian McClelland, Casey Wills, Kade Morton and  White made up the balance of the top 10.

“I had been changing the apex in the bottom of turns one and two as the car was so tight it was driving me up the wall,” Smith said. “With about five or six to go, I didn't have the room to slide him (Easum), but I did it to see if I could do it later on. It also allowed me to show him my nose in hopes he would see it and put a little pressure on him.”

OCRS moves to Brill Motor Speedway in Meeker on Friday.

Among the weekly division winners were none of the incoming points leaders:  Wesley Taylor of Eufaula in Pure Stock, Kreg Dobson of Muskogee in Factory Stock, David Whittle of Muskogee in Pro Stock, Jacob Magee of Caney, Kan., in Late Models, Tate Cole of Fort Gibson in Modified and Bixby’s Danny Womack in IMCA Modified.

Complete local results follow.


Pure Stock: 1. Wesley Taylor, Eufaula. 2. Jeffrey Daniels, Hulbert. 3. Ken Hughey, Muskogee. 4. Tyler Chambers, Welling. 5. Brandon Fields, Checotah. 6. Ryan Waltman, Fort Gibson. 7. Anthony Shephard, Tulsa. 8. Bobby Hunter, Haileyville. 9. Jordan Tarkington, Henryetta. 10. Timothy Plott, Miami. 11. Torie Lammers, Fort Gibson. 12. Dwight Satern, Henryetta. 13. Marshall Conner, Tahlequah. 14. Steve Lackey Jr., Coweta.

Factory Stock: 1. Kreg Dobson, Muskogee. 2. Kevin Flock, Muskogee. 3. Cory Carter, Muskogee. 4. Mike Wiseman, Muskogee. 5. Jarrett Arnold, Morris. 6. Ryan Yates, Muskogee. 7. Ben Moore, Muskogee. 8. Frank Sexton, Stigler. 9. Ryann Blue, Checotha. 10. Wyatt Rowland, Fort Gibson. 11. Joe Kelley, Porter. 12. Johnny Anderson, Eufaula.

Pro Stock: 1.David Whittle, Muskogee. 2. Nick Atherton, Bartlesville. 3. Roy Long, Stilwell. 4. Mike Withrow, Muskogee. 5. Chris Vannoster, Colleyville, Kan. 6. Dan Leatherman, Muskogee. 7. Jason Linzy, Collinsville. 8. Mike Bitner, Frontenac, Ark., 9. Rusty Green, Sapulpa. 10. Kayden Menasco, McAlester. 11. Dwain Rigsbee, Summers, Ark.

Sport Modified: 1. Kyle Slader, Muskogee. 2. Kinzer Edwards, South Coffeyville. 3. Frank Graven, Cushing. 4. Ross McCartney, Lahoma. 5. Michael Shenberger, Woodward. 6. Craig Demuth, Pawhuska. 7. Daniel Tarkington, Checotah. 8. Tim Ford, Enid. 9. Travis Johnson, Enid. 10. Gary Dilbeck, Catoosa. 11. Courtney McCartney, Lahoma. 12. Bailee Cliff, Aline. 13. Robert Elliott, Clinton. 14. Ronny Gould, Calera, 15. Mike Owens, Wagoner. 16. Caleb Edwards, South Coffeyville.

Late Models: 1. Jacob Magee, Caney, Kan. 2. Brandon Hunter, Alma, Ark. 3. Colten Dunlap, Muskogee. 4. Ted Holt, Porter. 5. Dillon Rupe, Broken Arrow. 6. Houston Garrison, Chouteau. 7. Blake Byrd, Muskogee. 8. Dalton Garrison, Chouteau. 9. Jason Sperry, Porter. 10. Clay Julian, Ozark, Ark.

Modified: 1. Tate Cole, Fort Gibson. 2. Terry Beckham, Webb City, Mo. 3. Andy Morris, Okay. 4. Grady Smith, Oakhurst. 5. Heath Weston, Muskogee. 6. Brett Hansen, Muskogee. 7. Mykel Atkison, Dewey. 8. Devin Beach, Muskogee. 9. Dalton Clay, Muskogee. 10. Greg Burt, Enid. 11. Jason Leatherman, Muskogee.

IMCA Modified: 1. Danny Womack, Bixby. 2. Shannon Reheard, Muskogee. 3. Kreg Dobson, Muskogee. 4. Daniel Tarkington, Checotah. 5. Ryan LaCoe, Claremore. 6. Dale Carnell, Muskogee. 7. Rodney Cantrell, Muskogee. 8. Ron Yates, Muskogee. 9. Nick Shenberger, Sharon. 10. Logan Miller, Muskogee. 11. Taylor Hall, Farmington, Ark. 12. Shannon Scott, Henryetta. 13. Darren Stephens, Haskell. 14. Jeremy LaCoe, Adair. 15. Shannon Scott, Welling. 16. Jacob Campbell, Oktaha. 17. Brett Hansen, Muskogee. 18. Bret Sexton, Checotah. 19. Chris Nooner, McAlester. 10. Ryan Franklin, Morris.



Junior Sprints: 1. Jake Nail. 2. Cole Roberts. 3. Blake Battles. 4. Reese Moore. 5. Trevor Lunsford. 6. Tyler Menasco. 7. Ryder LaPlante.

Restrictor: 1. Bailey Hughes. 2. Ryan Hunt. 3. Jase Randolph. .4. Jaiden Hughes. 5. Nathan Weida. 6. Joey Schmidt. 7. Kaylee Bryson.

A Class: Earl McDoulett. 2. Chad Bell. 3. Kris Carroll. 4. Logan Ellis. 5. Austin Crowder. 6. Chase Rohrbaugh. 7. Flank Flud. 8. Christina Cypert. 9. Brandon Boggs.

Sportsman: 1. Craig Carroll. 2. Luke Tipton. 3. John Stowe. 4. Bailey Hughes. 5. Jase Randolph. 6. Colt Dyer.

Non-wing: 1. Jeffrey Newell. 2. Chris Cochran. 3. Randy Crowder. 4. Danny James. 5. Charles Valenzuela. 6. Ronnie James. 7. Dillon Conrad. 8. Tim Greene. 9. Austin Crowder. 10. Blake Edwards. 11. Brandon Boggs. 12. Tony Ogden. 13. Logan Ellis. 14. Kinzer Edwards. 15. Cord Dodson. 16. Dustin Boston.  17. Chase Rohrbough.

Outlaw: 1. Frank Flud. 2. Earl McDoulett. 3. Kris Carroll. 4. Hannah Adair. 5. Randy Crowder. 6. Frank Taft. 7. Shane Fletcher. 8. Brian Nance.