, Muskogee, OK


August 18, 2013

MHS avoids revving its defensive engine

It’s the same thing every year. Two days into padded workouts in fall camp isn’t much to evaluate.

But it’s a different kind of same thing for Muskogee right now.

The unorthodox 3-3 defense imported from a Washington high school has shown itself to be ready for contact already, so head coach Josh Blankenship’s offense is a bit stymied.

“The bubble screens and tailback on the flare that are so much what we do, I told our quarterbacks not to throw those or we’d get someone hurt,” he said following an intrasquad scrimmage as part of “Meet the Roughers” night on Saturday.

“We’re a little conservative in our offense playcalling right now. I know our defense is designed for  big hits but at the same time we want to protect our own. And I’m still not sure how to scheme or attack it.”

So the defense is much more ahead of the offense at this point, you think?

“I try to hold myself with a little reserve,” he said. “It’s so early. I saw some good things in team camp and passing league and week 1 and week 4 with the first district game is still out there.

“I’ll say this. Two days of pads, I love what I see. Let’s just say I’m definitely a fan of the scheme.”

Two things the coach wanted to get accomplished on both sides of the ball were determining how hard they played and what they need to polish. He saw the hard play he wanted.

He saw the dullness too.

“False starts, offsides, just technique issues that I think come in part from not having played live football in a while,” he said.

There were no personnel surprises, and that is apparently a positive.

“The guys we expect to perform did what they were expected to do,” Blankenship said.

Muskogee goes to Mustang on Friday for the East-West Showdown.

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