, Muskogee, OK

October 2, 2013

Ex-OSU frat member charged in gun incident

By Megan Sando

— STILLWATER — A Oklahoma State University fraternity member is accused of using a loaded gun to scare freshmen during an Alpha Gamma Rho pledge event.

Owen Edward Hossack, 22, pleaded not guilty Monday to two counts of pointing a firearm at another with intent to threaten, a felony.

The university has suspended Hossack and sanctioned the fraternity.

On Sept. 6, the Office of Student Conduct notified university police two students were held at gunpoint at a fraternity event.

A further investigation revealed the freshmen were told to get inside a pickup to be taken to a bonfire initiation, according to court records.

One freshman told police they were “instructed to stare at their laps and to not look around” on the way to the bonfire, according to court records.

Hossack showed the freshmen bullets that he loaded into the gun, then took turns pointing it at their heads, asking if they would take a bullet for the other, according to court documents.

One freshman told police in an affidavit that the gun was forced to his neck until he was pushed into the vehicle’s back window.

When Hossack removed the gun, a single shot was fired into the passenger side rear window, according to police statements.

Hossack stated he was trying to scare the two freshmen, according to police.