, Muskogee, OK

February 23, 2014

Boren revs up campaign against state tax cut

CNHI News Service

— University of Oklahoma President David Boren widened his print media camaign opposing Gov. Mary Fallin’s proposed income tax cut to include full-page ads in smaller newspapers around the state, including the Duncan Banner.

Boren earlier in the week bought full-page ads in the state’s two largest newspapers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to assert that Fallin’s tax cut proposal is ill-advised when the pubic education system is under-funded.

Boren, a Democrat who has served Oklahoma as a U.S. senator and governor, entitled his ad — An Urgent Message From David Boren.

His message notes that 60 percent of Oklahomans would get $2.50 or less per month under the Fallin plan.

Under the proposed budget, we will continue to invest less in education per student than any of the states that surround us ... This budget must be changed! We are on the wrong path.”

Republican State Rep. Dennis Johnson of Duncan said he disagreed with Boren, saying lower taxes will increase investment in the state.

Fallin’s tax cut “could end up benefitting more than hurting,” he said.

Steve Olafson writes for The Duncan Banner