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September 22, 2013

Byng High School fight leads to arrest of 3 teens

Associated Press

— BYNG (AP) — Three teenagers are in custody following a fight at Byng High School that led officials to place the school on lockdown for a brief time, Pontotoc County authorities said.

The fight started shortly before noon Friday when one student attacked another student.

Sheriff John Christian told The Ada News that a faculty member tried to intervene and the brother of the attacker joined the fight. The school principal then tried to break up the fight and a third student joined the fracas, according to the sheriff.

“The fight ended up involving the principal and assistant principal trying to break the altercation up,” said Christian. “And they, in turn, were assaulted by three juveniles that took off running.”

Student Toby Bargas told KTEN-TV that he was in math class when the intercoms came on informing everyone the building was on “Code Yellow.”

“Our assistant teacher was standing by the door, so she locked the door, shut off the light and told us to get in the corner where we usually are for the lockdown, where no one can really see us.”

Jennifer Bevers, the mother of a student, told the television station that she was terrified.

“You know there are so many bad events nowadays, and we worry about our children not being at home with us,” Bevers said.

Christian said two principals were choked and punched by the three students, who then ran from the campus into a nearby wooded area, prompting the 2¬Ω hour lockdown.

“When they took off, of course you never know if they’re going to come back and cause other problems so they locked down the school as a precautionary measure to protect the children,” said Christian, “which I think was an excellent idea.”

Christian said the boys went first to the assistant principal’s house and stole a bicycle, then traveled to a nearby home where they stole clothing.

The three were eventually found and arrested by a county deputy and a Chickasaw Lighthorse officer and later taken to a juvenile detention center where they were being held on a charge of assault and battery on a teacher.

The sheriff said there were no serious injuries.