Hilldale eighth-grader Adrien Rutherford and Wagoner High School sophomore Ashley Weeks took Best of Show in their divisions at the Greater Muskogee Area Regional Science and Engineering Fair today.

Rutherford placed first in the junior divison with her display on the effects of ultra-violet rays on butterflies. Weeks placed first in the senior division with her display on the effects of moon phases on plant growth.

Rutherford and Weeks each receive $150 cash award and earn an all-expense paid trip in the International Science Fair May 11-16 in Atlanta.

Here is a list of top placers, including those qualifiying for the State Science Fair in Ada.

Best of Show

Junior Division: 1. Adrien Rutherford, Hilldale Middle; 2. Darby Jarvis, Grandview Middle; 3. Dylan Oney, Muskogee 7th and 8th Grade Center.

Senior Division: 1. Ashley Weeks, Wagoner High; 2. Willie Reaves, Muskogee High; 3. tie, Lindsey Huggins, Muldrow High, Harrison Dragoo, Muskogee High.

State Science Fair Qualifiers

INDIVIDUALS: Adrien Rutherford, Hilldale Middle; Harrison Dragoo, Muskogee High ; Darcy Worth, Grandview Middle; Willie Reaves, Muskogee High; Darby Jarvis, Grandview Middle; Ashley Weeks, Wagoner High; Alessandro Calderoni, Hilldale Middle; Lindsey Huggins, Wagoner High; Tyler Davidson, Westville Middle; Charlotte Kirk, Westville High; Zuri Holder, 7th and 8th Grade Center; Alex Coburn; Muskogee High Schol; Jordan Wasson, Hilldale Middle; Eli Turley, Wagoner High ; Madison Ford; Wagoner Middle; Rachel Hill, Muldrow High; Dylan Oney, 7th and 8th Grade Center; Layla Butler, Muldrow High; Tory Worth, Grandview; Natasha Patel, Wagoner High; Jarod Lane and Brennan Beck, Wagoner High; Lester Ryan, Muskogee High; Cara Fullenwider, Muskogee High; Mason White, Muldrow Middle; Tyler Snyder, Westville Middle; Sam Stratton, Ben Franklin Science Academy; Hunter Capers, Wagoner Middle; Ava Yeabower, Hilldale Middle; Matt Robison, Muskogee High; Jarrett Carter, Westville High.

TEAMS: Alex Hames, Sarah Stotts, Muskogee High; Dmitria Mahee and Erika Mahee, Wagoner High; Jessica Rowe and Bonnie Jordan, Westville High.

The Regional fair attracted 308 entries from 20 schools.

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