Two overall queens were crowned in Fort Gibson Friday evening — a first in the school’s history.

Basketball queen Brooke Walker, 17, and softball queen Ashley Nevitt, 17, share the title.

Both wore their chestnut hair in soft curls.

Both wore strapless ball gowns — one soft pink and one white.

Each said she is delighted to share the honor with the other girl.

But for all the similarities, they couldn’t be more different.

Brooke was once a flower girl — at the 2001 homecoming coronation, dressed in a perfectly frilly, tiny white gown.

Ashley said she’d rather be on the softball field in uniform than wearing tulle and jewels.

At Friday evening’s homecoming game, all 25 queens were escorted by a member of their families.

Each was introduced as she walked arm in arm with her escort down the 50-yard-line, as the announcer talked about her future plans.

Ashley’s father, Danny Nevitt, proudly escorted his daughter, beaming while crowning her.

Danny, who joked he should have worn a tux, said he’s proud of his daughter.

“Ashley’s just a good kid, just real even-keeled,” her father said. “The thing I’m most proud of her for is she just treats everyone really well.”

Her mother, a Fort Gibson High School math teacher, agrees.

“She’s so good. I’ve had her in class for three years,” Britton Nevitt said. “She has a big heart and is a very kind person.”

Ashley took her parents compliments graciously, but said she really didn’t expect to win.

Her softball friends gave her a nice surprise before the game.

“They showed up in ‘Ashley’s Wolf Pack’ purple T-shirts,” she said laughing.

“I think they were all pulling for her just to get her dressed up,” her mother said, laughing.

Brooke’s family turned out for the coronation as well, mother and father, two of three older brothers, and a sister-in-law who drove home from a business trip in Alabama Friday just to attend the ceremony.

Her father, Jerry Walker, escorted her down the 50-yard-line.

After the crowning, Brooke’s family gathered to congratulate her and take photos, all obviously proud of her.

“What I love about Brooke is that she loves her family,” said her mother, Vicki Walker. “She’s just a great daughter in general.”

Brooke said since she was a flower girl when she was little, she always wanted to be a queen.

“I’m honored to be one of the queens,” Brooke said. “I love Ashley, and it’s totally fine with me to share.”

Activity queens

Activity/sport    Queen    

APT    Rebecca Batchelor    

Band    Jaci Abbey    

Baseball    Cortney Beaver    

Basketball    Brooke Walker    

Cheerleading    Victoria Staton    

Drama    Ashton Vanlandingham    

Fastpitch    Ashley Nevitt    

FCCLA    Caryle Harris

FFA    Audrey Staton    

Football    Megan Two Shields    

Golf    Katie Kolb    

Math & Science    Nana Wallace    

National Art Honor Society    Tracie Martin    

NASA    Kaytlyn Gilliam    

NHS    Michaela Parisotto    

Slowpitch    Derrien Hall    

Soccer    Brittany Bell    

Spanish Club    Sydney Abdallah    

Student Council    Katie Loken    

Swimming    Zoe DeCamp    

Track    Libby Schofield    

Vocal Music    Allison Scott    

Winterguard    Kelsey Brewer    

Wrestling    Shelby Brown    

Yearbook    Haley Dixon   

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