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A Muskogee man serving a life sentence for murder and another serving life for rape are scheduled to be considered for parole.

• Brandon Williams was 19 when he was sentenced to life in prison in 2000 for the May 1998 shooting death of Theophilus Walker, 26, of Muskogee.

Walker was shot in the head and neck in front of his home on Elgin Avenue. Williams, who was 17 at the time of the shooting, confessed, telling police a Muskogee man offered him cocaine to do it and threatened to kill him if he didn’t.

• Robin Christopher Harris was 28 when he entered a blind plea the day he was to stand trial for 47 counts of first-degree rape and forcible sodomy. He was sentenced to life, plus 20 years in prison. The sexual abuse of his 14-year-old victim was disclosed when the girl became pregnant. Harris admitted he began touching the girl when she was about 7 years old.

The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board met Tuesday and will continue through Friday at the Hillside Community Corrections Center, 3300 N. Martin Luther King Ave. in Oklahoma City. Video conferencing is used for personal appearance hearings. A victim or victim representative who wishes to appear at a parole board hearing can notify the Pardon and Parole Board.

Information: Pardon and Parole Board, First National Center, 120 N. Robinson Ave., Suite 900W, Oklahoma City OK 73102 or call (405) 602-5863.

Muskogee County

• ADAMS, Kager. Distribution of controlled dangerous substance within 2,000 feet of park/school/minor under 12. Five years. Sentence began June 2011.

• BUNNER, Tracy. Second-degree burglary. Five years. Sentence began February 2012.

• FANELLI, Joseph J. Possession of contraband (drugs) by an inmate. 20 years. Sentence began September 2006.

• HARRIS, Robin C. First-degree rape. Life. Sentence began September 1994.

• HINDS, Reece A. Endeavoring to manufacture controlled dangerous substance. 21 years (16 suspended). Sentence began September 2012.

• WILLIAMS, Brandon L. First-degree murder. Life. Sentence began September 2000.

Cherokee County

• FRANKLIN, Gregory M. Driving motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Five years. Sentence began August 2011.

• GRIGGS, Ricky W. Manufacture of controlled dangerous substance/possess material with intent to manufacture. 10 years. Sentence began June 2010.

McIntosh County

• CANN, William G. Trafficking in illegal drugs. Five years. Sentence began July 2012.

• FATTY, Bengally. Trafficking in illegal drugs. 10 years (four suspended). Sentence began December 2012.

• FRITS, Robert L. Second-degree burglary. Seven years. Sentence began March 2011.

• HART, Donald G. Feloniously pointing a firearm. 30 years. Sentence began October 2001.

• HEAD, James W. Manufacture of controlled dangerous substance/possess material with intent to manufacture. 10 years (five suspended). Sentence began December 2012.

• IRVIN, Bennie J. Distribution of controlled dangerous substance. 20 years (five suspended). Sentence began April 2009.

• McGUIRE, Howard L. Second-degree burglary. 21 years. Sentence began January 2009.

• McNEAL, Alphonzo J. Trafficking in illegal drugs. 16 years. Sentence began June 2008.

Wagoner County

• BERRY, Michael A. Second-degree rape. 14 years (seven suspended). Sentence began July 2011.

• VIRDEN, Marshall L. Exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult by deception or intimidation. 10 years (eight suspended). Sentence began December 2012.

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