Most of the 17 McIntosh County District 3 workers laid off Monday will be called back next month, Commissioner Ronnie Layman said Tuesday.

Two employees laid off were part-time workers and probably won’t be called back, Layman said.

Layman said he had 26 employees before the layoff.

District 3’s monthly receipts were down almost $8,000, said McIntosh County Clerk Diana Curtis. She attributed most of that that to a decrease in the amount of taxes received for gas, oil and diesel sold commercially in McIntosh County.

“It (tax received from state) was down from $164,926.78 to $149,962.40 this month,” Curtis said.

Of the $14,964.38 shortfall, about half of that was a shortfall to District 3, which is almost twice as large as the other two districts, Curtis said.

“I even called Oklahoma City to make sure they hadn’t made a mistake,” Curtis said.

A laid-off employee expressed concern Monday that the recent purchase of a new pothole patcher might have caused the shortfall.

Records show District 3 obtained a trailer-mounted pothole patcher on a $48,400 lease-purchase agreement Nov. 7. Monthly payments on the equipment are $919.92, Curtis said.

Curtis and Layman said vacation and comp time due the laid-off employees has to be paid, so they will be getting some money for January.

Layoffs were from different categories of employees — operators, road graders, etc., Layman said. That way, it made it fairer, and there are some employees in each category, making it possible to get some road work done, Layman said.

Curtis confirmed that District 3 will be reimbursed $89,577.16 for work done on the old Pierce Road this month.

“But that money won’t be apportioned (to District 3) until next month,” Curtis said.

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