Officials at the Muskogee County District Attorney’s Child Support Enforcement Division are looking for larger and more secure office space.

They may find it in an old warehouse-turned nightclub.

The red brick building known as The Warehouse, 420 N. Main St., is being considered to house the child support division, currently located at the Muskogee County Courthouse, DHS officials confirmed Monday.

George Clark, a project manager with the DHS, said the agency is considering the Warehouse and is negotiating with owners.

“But we do not have anything signed at this time,” he said.

Jennifer Gourd, assistant district attorney for child support, said division workers are cramped in the space they have now.

“We have 13 staff members, plus equipment, in about 1,100 square-feet of space,” she said. “It’s pretty cramped and it’s not secure.

“People get pretty heated when you start talking about domestic issues,” she said.

Gourd said the agency handled 5,027 cases out of the Muskogee office in January. She compared that with 4,297 cases in December, 2006.

In addition to cases that originate in Muskogee County, the agency handles interstate custody cases, she said.

Clark said the Muskogee division is “working under guidelines to operate in up to 4,000 square feet.”

The building under consideration housed The Warehouse, a nightclub, from 1995 to 2000. The building has been vacant since then, though the neon sign remains.

The potential move is one example of how vacant old buildings are finding new life as office space. The Veterans Administration Regional Office has opened a call center in the former Homeland Grocery Store at the corner of Eastside Boulevard and Okmulgee Street. Vacant stores in the North Pointe Shopping Plaza have been converted into offices for the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center.

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