The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board will meet Aug. 14-17 at the Hillside Community Corrections Center, 3300 N. Martin Luther King Ave., Oklahoma City.

Video conferencing is used to conduct personal appearance hearings.

If a victim/victim representative wishes to appear at a parole board hearing, they may contact the Pardon and Parole Board.

Information: Pardon and Parole Board, First National Center, 120 N. Robinson Ave., Suite 900W, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 or call (405) 602-5863.

Muskogee County

CLOPTON, Randy L. Second-degree burglary. 15 years, 10 years previously served. Sentence began April 2006.

FLOYD, Carol V. Possession of controlled substance. Three years. Sentence began December 2006.

HUNTLEY, Harold E. Robbery with firearm. 25 years. Sentence began May 1995.

JENKINS, James C. III. Robbery or attempted with dangerous weapon. 25 years. Sentence began March 2000.

JOHNS, David H. First-degree murder. Life. Sentence began July 1983.

JONES, Mordy C. Robbery with firearm. 30 years. Sentence began March 1992.

MACKEY, Shawn L. First-degree burglary. 20 years, six years and 167 days previously served. Sentence began May 2003.

MITCHELL, Jason R. Robbery with a weapon. Five years. Sentence began October 2003.

OLIVER, John H. First-degree murder. Life. Sentence began June 1978.

PURKEY, Nicole M. Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. 15 years, 10 years suspended. Sentence began September 2006.

Adair County

HUMMINGBIRD, Charles. First-degree murder. Life. Sentence began June 1993.

Haskell County

CARRY, Daniel. Grand larceny. Eight years. Sentence began February 2004.

NELSON, Chad. Assault and battery upon a police officer. Five years. Sentence began May 2006.

ROWELL, Bobby L. Unlawful possession of controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute. 30 years. Sentence began April 1996.

RUTLEDGE, David. Endeavoring to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance. 10 years. Sentence began October 2004.

WOODRUFF, Brian L. Possession of controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute within 2,000 feet of public school. 20 years. Sentence began July 2006.

McIntosh County

CRABTREE, Michael E. Knowingly concealing stolen property. 25 years. Sentence began October 1992.

POWELL, Jerry D. Possession of stolen vehicle. 10 years. Sentence began September 2001.

SAM, Deland R. Feloniously carrying a firearm. 20 years. Sentence began January 2001.

Sequoyah County

HACKATHORN, Richard E. Feloniously carrying a firearm. 10 year. Sentence began February 2005.

PLANK, Roger D. Possession of controlled drug. 10 years, 921 days previously served. Sentence began March 2007.

POINDEXTER, Nicholas B. Robbery by force or fear. 30 years, 15 years suspended. Sentence began February 2000.

Wagoner County

CARMICHAEL, Brandon. Attempted robbery with firearm. 10 years, one year previously served, two years suspended. Sentence began September 2003.

CHICK, Laurie S. Knowingly concealing stolen property. Three years. Sentence began February 2007.

JONES, Charles R. Possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute. Seven years. Sentence began August 2003

SCROGGINS, Susan R. Uttering a forged instrument. Two years. Sentence began April 2007.

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