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Ryan Hammons, 6, left, and his father Kevin Hammons film for the television show “The UneXplained” in Chinatown during a recent visit to Hollywood. Ryan told his parents he was somebody in a different life. The show, which details the family’s search for answers, airs again at 6 a.m. Sunday on the Arts & Entertainment channel.

Six-year-old Ryan Hammons has been telling his parents about his memories of his “old me” for several years.

His parents, Muskogee police officer Kevin Hammons and Cyndi Hammons, said Ryan began talking about going “home” to Hollywood at about age 3.

He was rich. He was in a movie. Rita Hayworth served him icy drinks. He had lots of children and he wanted to work with “the agency” again.

“When he was between 4 and 5, he said to me, ‘Mom. I have something to tell you,’” Cyndi Hammons said. “He said, ‘I’ve been here before. I used to be somebody else.’”

The television show, “The UneXplained,” explores the possibilities of reincarnation.

A repeat of an episode of the series tells the story of the Hammons family’s journey with their son. It will be aired at 6 a.m. Sunday on the Arts & Entertainment channel.

Viewers can find out how the family discovered who Ryan says he was in a past life — Marty Martyn, Hollywood actor/agent.

Cyndi kept a journal of Ryan’s stories and experiences as his “old me.”

The journal was sent to Dr. Jim Tucker, associate professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences with the University of Virginia.

Through Tucker, the family sought help from the A&E network to find out who Ryan was in his previous life based on all the details he’d told his parents.

The family goes to Hollywood to explore the past and Ryan identifies people in photographs and other details related to the Hollywood actor/agent during the show.

“Of 102 things Ryan has said about his past life,” Kevin said, “90 were validated.”

Cyndi and Kevin both said the show only touches the tip of the iceberg. The show was supposed to be an hour long but was condensed to 30 minutes, Kevin said.

“The show didn’t tell why he claims he came back and I feel like that’s an important message,” Cyndi said. “Ryan says that we all come back because we have lessons to relearn. Ryan said he had to come back because of greed and he didn’t put his family and love first.”

Cyndi and Kevin didn’t know where seeking help for their son would lead. They began asking questions, keeping a journal and researching in an effort to get answers about Ryan’s stories and feelings, Kevin said.

“It started out to help Ryan because we didn’t understand what was going on,” Kevin said. “Now that we do, our purpose is to let other parents know they need to listen to what their children are saying. They need to understand what may be going on with their children.”  

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WHAT: Airing of “The UneXplained.”

WHEN: 6 a.m. Sunday.

WHERE: A&E channel.

ON THE WEB: www.facebook.com/pages/The-uneXplained/ 162566533804805.

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