• Statewide program helps make workplace, schools healthier • Hydration often overlooked in colder months, just as vital • Cabbage has great health benefits and can taste great, too!


• Esthela Casale says cycling rescued her from chaos • Muskogee officer talks about living with skin cancer • Yoga instructors display techniques • Local gardens fill market with freshness

Inspire Health Healthcare Directory Edition October 2016 — Ayurveda, find your power; The "Root" of a healthy diet; Empower through sustainable fashion; Throw the sugar bowl away and start living.

Empowering an Active and Natural Lifestyle — Reduce skin cancer risk; melons, sweet nutritious perfection; easy detox in seven steps.


Mind, Body & Spirit for Women — Yoga transforms; Stay full and lose weight; Introducing Camu Camu, the super berry; and Lifestyle changes reduce your cancer risk. 


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