Homeowners of a Country Club-area home in Muskogee are blending contemporary technology into their traditional-style home.

Patrick and Shanna Cale are developing their 1970s residence into their home of hard and heavy woods with smart technology interconnecting and protecting their home.

“I smart-wired the whole house,” Patrick said. “I’m just a gadget guy.”

Their home is set up with lighting that can be adjusted through smartphones and tablets. Keyless locks have been installed on the doors leading into the house. Alexa, Amazon’s voice command device, is set up in two rooms.

All this tied together gives an unprecedented amount of technological control only previously dreamed about at the 1939 World’s Fair, themed “Building the World of Tomorrow.”

“This was an old house,” Patrick said. “And with old homes, you’re limited to a small bathroom.”

The Cales opted out of a bathtub in favor of a fully-enclosed steam shower, which is decked out with multiple shower heads.

They gutted their 1970s home and renovated it with a fresh look from the outside to the inside. Old window shutters were replaced with cedar shutters. Dull, white columns were replaced with cedar columns. The aluminum garage doors were replaced with cedar doors. And a cedar fence lines their property.

Shanna, Patrick’s wife and master of the kitchen, opts for hard and heavy wood furniture with a dark stain. She decorates her home with modern art, vintage oddities and traditional furniture.

“I tend toward masculine pieces; I don’t have much feminine furniture,” Shanna said.

An armoire, almost too tall for the home, sits in the lounge. A hefty bed frame and headboard sit in the master bedroom, accented with a heavy dresser that features several discrete drawers.

“Moving is not fun,” Shanna said, noting many people have severely underestimated the heft of their furniture.

Much of the furniture would not fit through the front door or down the hallways. To confront the issue, the Cales built French doors leading from the backyard into their master bedroom.

The home was Patrick’s grandparents’ house for more than 40 years, a home to where he returned when his family moved back to Muskogee from Tulsa. 

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