In the Old Testament, God told Solomon, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).”

What a beautiful thought! All God has ever wanted is a relationship with us. The problem with the nation of Israel (God’s chosen people) is the fact that even though God chose them, they did not choose God, and they often refused to live life by His rules. Things are not much different today. God wants us to experience the joy of living the Christian life. He has laid out a plan for us that ultimately leads to the eternal reward of heaven. But too often, people seek temporary happiness by following the world’s recipes for success. This starts at a very young age, and if kids are not taught early about Godly priorities, they are in for a lifetime of disappointment.

In just a few days, thousands of kids will be heading back to school. They need God’s presence in the middle of every class, extracurricular activity, in their homes, and in their friend groups and relationships. Please pray from where you are now, or if possible, go to the school grounds before the first day of school and pray at various sites around campus such as bus lines, extracurricular activity areas, parking lots, commons areas, playgrounds, and even lunchrooms, hallways and classrooms if you can get permission.

1) Pray for safety in every circumstance that involves our students, personnel, and their families.

2) Pray for good health so that students can learn, and teachers can teach.

3) Pray for the home life of each family represented, that every decision, every action, every thought, and every word spoken will honor God.

4) Pray that non-believers will be able to look at the daily example of Christians, and see the difference Christ can make in a person’s life.

5) Pray that God will soften or break the hearts of those who refuse to honor Him in the way they live their lives.

6) Pray that God will give all student and adult believers the right words, actions, and opportunities to make a difference in the life of someone who doesn’t have a good relationship with God.

7) Pray that every person who goes by the name “Christian” will take their job seriously to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus that He spoke in Matthew 28:19-20, to go and make followers of Christ, to baptize them, and to teach them to obey God’s word.

8) Pray for joy, peace, patience, understanding, and compassion in every classroom, hallway, office, lunchroom, and locations for all extracurricular activities.

9) Pray for selflessness and a spirit of love to reign supreme, the kind of love that seeks the highest good of others.

10) Pray that our schools will include God in all things.

Have a great week!

Barrett Vanlandingham is the Youth Minister at the Fort Gibson Church of Christ. Reach him at (918) 478-2222 or

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