AGENDA — Muskogee County Board of Commissioners

WHAT: Muskogee County Board of Commissioners regular meeting.

WHEN: 9 a.m. Monday.

WHERE: Muskogee County Services Building, 400 W. Broadway, Suite 010.



• Monthly purchase orders, monthly reports and minutes of the June 22 regular meeting and the June 24 special meeting.

• Bid No. 20 — Elevator Maintenance for Muskogee County Courthouse Complex and County Jail.

• Reassignment of territories for the Muskogee County Fire Districts.

• Presentation by Scott Robinson about the Muskogee City/County Port Authority, land acquisition and economic development in Muskogee County.

• Disposition of the surplus equipment for the Muskogee County Treasurer’s Office: (1) Ideal Shedder HP Printer, ID# C-220-53; (1) Muratec Fax Machine, ID# C-221-02; (2) Martin Yale 1711 Folding Machines, ID#’s C-220-48 & C-220-49; (1) Box of various cords, no ID#; (1) White Fan, No ID#; (1) Xerox Phaser 8560 Printer, No ID#; (1) Sharp-Compet, Serial # VX2652H; (1) Switch Box D-link, serial # DRBNDD9001654; (2) Lenova Towers, Serial #’s MJO3427 & MJO3421;(12) Phones, No ID#; (1) HP Tower, ID# C-220-04; (4) HP Keyboards, Serial #’s KBO316, TH04N454371714320232, BAUITOGA20004, & BBAVL0MGA4K3G8; (1) Logitech Keyboard, No ID#; (5) Dell Keyboards, Serial #’s CN04N4543717243T04SN, THO4N4543717143301FG, CN04N4543717243T049E, CN0DJ33171616A3405R3, & 14062088204139; (1) Monibi View Sonic, Serial # 517102300189;(1) Dell, ID# C-220-25; (1) Lynks Switch/Router, Serial # R0810FB00121EB1080; (1) Duplo Paper Holder, ID# C-229-09; (1) D-Link, ID# C-229-25; (1) Validator, ID# C-280-03; (1) Epson, Ser # A8D0174217; (1) Cannon-CD4046, ID# C217-01; (1) Cummins Vetscan, ID# C-299-18; (1) Hedman 2300, No ID#; (1) Lenova Keyboard, Ser # 0033B049; (10) Epson Validators, Ser # J9KF040651, J9KF04065U, A8D0174218, A8D0174197, A8D0174219; A8P0171459, A8D0171458, A8D0171461, & CBZF010518, ID# C-280-1; (1) Hoover Vacuum, No ID#; (1) Dell Tower, Ser # CKT5981; (1) Box of Old Daters, No ID#; (1) WASP, Ser # LS4208; (1) HP Office Jet 4630 Printer, Ser # B4L03-80026; (1) Duplo-D-590, ID# C299-09; (1) Electronic Typewriter, ID# C-201-27; (1) Brown Foot Stool, No ID#; (1) Black Chair, No ID#; (1) HP Lazerjet 4300 N, ID# C-299-03. ; (1) Dell Power Edge-2500, ID# C220-02; (1) Fusitsu Primergy, Ser # TX3056; (1) Xerox Fax Sheet Feeder, ID# C-299-22, (1) Dialta Printer, ID# C-299-13; (1) Cannon Check Scanner, ID# C-221-14; (1) Staciar Conveyor, Ser # 99005T5C0012; (1) HP Deskjet 6940 Printer, No ID#; (1) Dell Monitor, ID# C-220-26; (1) Receipt Printer, No ID#; (1) Samsung Fax Machine, ID# C-221-01; (1) Samsung Fax Machine, ID# C-221-01, (1) Burroughs, ID# C-218-02; (1) Receipt Register, Ser # W4824.

• Contract between the Muskogee County Health Department and Statewide Commercial Cleaning.

• Disposition of the following surplus equipment for the Muskogee County Health Department: (4) Black Lateral Files, Inv ID#104.38, 104.75, & 104.71; (1) Black Lateral File Lorell, no ID#, (1) Black Bookcase HON, No ID#.

• Service contract between the Muskogee County Health Department and Statewide Commercial Cleaning Co.

• Service contract between the Muskogee County Health Department and Sooner Lawn Service.

• Service contract between the Muskogee County Health Department and Pinnacle Telecom.

•  Lease agreement between the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office and Preferred Business Systems, for a copier.

•  Agreement between the Muskogee County Court Clerk’s Office and Studie Office Systems.

•  ODOT Funding Agreement for Sam Creek (Smith Ferry) STP-251D(109) JP#33052(04)(05)(06)(07).

• ODOT Funding Agreement for South Fork Creek bridge replacement STP251C(108) JP#33051(04)(05)(06)(07).

• Fiscal year 2021 contract renewal with the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs.

• Contract between the Muskogee County Treasurer’s Office and TM Consulting, Inc.

• Contract between the Muskogee County Treasurer’s Office and OME Corp.

• Issues related to COVID-19 pandemic.

• Convening an executive session pursuant to 25 O.S. § 307(B)(4) to discuss pending litigation with counsel in the matter of Austin Bond, as Special Administrator of the Estate of Billy Woods v. Board of County Commissioners of Muskogee County, Oklahoma, et al., Case No. 18-CV-108-RAW, U.S. District Court of Eastern Oklahoma, and if necessary take action after reconvening in open session. 

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