At a glance: Muskogee City Council

During a regular meeting Monday of the City Council, city councilors took the following action:

• Rejected by 6-3 vote a motion to amend Resolution No. 2801 to include a provision requiring, with limited exceptions, that masks be worn while in public settings mandatory.

• Struck from consideration, by a 7-2 vote, alternative proposals to oversee tourism promotions and marketing and future budget amendments necessary any plan adopted.

• Struck from consideration the presentation of report about the city’s multi-year street plan, including updates for current projects and upcoming capital improvement street projects.

• Approved Resolution No. 2825, declaring a parcel of property located within the 200 Block of North 12th Street (considered “unbuildable”) as surplus to the city’s needs and authorizing conveyance of said property to Janet Parks, one of two abutting property owners, who submitted the high bid of $600.

• Approved Resolution No. 2827, declaring items of personal property presently in the city’s possession, all per an attached list, to be surplus to its needs and authorizing the city manager to offer the same for sale or disposal.

• Authorized the city manager to negotiate and execute an agreement with Tradebe Environmental Services LLC, to conduct the Household Hazardous Waste Pollutant Collection, Transportation and Disposal Event.

• Struck from consideration Task Order No. 4 in accordance with the proposed agreement for professional services between the Muskogee Municipal Authority and Cowan Group Engineering LLC.

• Awarded the lowest and best bid from Direct Traffic Control in the amount of $27,273 for the York Street and Chandler Road Intersection Striping.

• Accepted best and lowest bid from Rehrig Pacific Co. in the amount of $46 each for the purchase of 700 residential refuse polycarts for a total of $32,200 for fiscal year 2021.

• Rejected the sole bid from Sligar Mechanical and authorize the re-bidding of the Swim & Fitness Center Natatorium HVAC system replacement project.

• Appointed Hazel Wood to a five-year term with the City Facilities Board, filling the expired term of Delsie Lewis beginning Sept. 1.

• Appointed Ward I Councilor Evelyn Hibbs to a two-year term with the City of Muskogee Foundation Board, filling the expired term of Ward II Councilor Alex Reynolds, beginning Sept. 1.

• Appointed Perline Boyattia-Craig to a four-year term with the Wellness Initiative Board, filling the expired term of Derryl Venters beginning Sept. 1.

• Reappointed Tyjuan Walker to a four-year term with the Wellness Initiative Board beginning Sept. 1.

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