During its regular meeting Monday, the Muskogee County Board of Commissioners took the following action: 

• Approved monthly purchase orders, monthly reports and minutes of the Aug. 5 regular meeting.

• Authorized the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma to use the deductible fund to pay a Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office claim in the amount of $6,207.77.

• Approved contract with Rosscon LLC for Bid No. 2: Two-inch overlay of a portion of South 95th Street East.

• Awarded to Yellowhouse Machinery Bid No. 1, the sale of a 2011 or newer excavator to District 3 in the amount $85,425.

• Approved the application for a utility permit submitted by Wagoner County Rural Water District No. 4 for a road cut and a road bore, providing no paved roads be cut, at the following location: West Skelly Road from 244th to 214th streets, from Skelly Road to a quarter-mile north of Duncan Road to the water tower.

• Approved expenditure from the 105 Account for right of way in District 1 — Project 33052(04), J/P: 33052(06), Parcel No. 7.

• Approved Muskogee County floodplain regulation requiring permit approval by board of commissioners.

• Approved fiscal year 2020 secure detention contract renewal with the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs.

• Approved interagency agreement with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality for reimbursement of expenses related to implementation of an environmental crimes enforcement program.

• Approved request from the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office to receive donation of a DJI Mavic Platinum Drone, Serial No. 08QCEKP020QRD, valued at $1,000.

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