Bacone Inn coming down

Larry Henley works to clear away trash while removing furniture and ceiling tiles from the interior of the former Bacone Inn on the corner of Shawnee Bypass and York Street. Henley said his team was taking preliminary steps prior to the building's full demolition "in three or four weeks." 

The Bacone Inn is coming down in "three to four weeks," said Bill Richards of Bill Richards Commercial, the leasing agent for the site. 

Crews are working to haul away interior debris and clutter before bringing the building down, Richards said. 

"There's a lot to haul away," he said. "Bringing this building down is costing a lot of money."

Bulldozers and dump trucks linger outside the building as workers strip out beds and furniture, as well as ceiling tiles. Doors and air conditioners have already been removed.

"They are in the process of razing the building, and then they're going to level the parking lot," he said. "Then, we're going to offer the property for resale."

A company called Curt's Realty in Brooklyn, New York, owns the site, having bought it directly from Bacone College earlier this year. The same Curt's Realty owns Curt's Center nearby.

The college had been using the motel as a dormitory since its purchase of the building in the mid-2000s. The building was seriously damaged in a 2015 storm, which tore off the roof. 

The property was sold as part of a bid to keep Bacone's doors open through financial problems.

It'll be up to the next property owners to decide what's done with the site, Richards said. 

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