Bluebird image by local photographer among top in North America

ALMA, ILLINOIS –– The North American Nature Photographer Association (NANPA) revealed prize-winning images recently in its 2021 Showcase competition. 

The images include works in wildlife, landscape, macro, underwater, fine art, and conservation photography created by both professional and experienced hobbyists living and working in North America.

Among the Best in Show images is Lake Tenkiller resident Ron Day’s “Eastern Bluebird Male Posed on Teasel: A Pencil Sketch.” This is a photo of an Eastern Bluebird transformed digitally into a pencil sketch.

The other five Best in Show images include a sea lion bursting through a school of fish underwater by Alex Rose of Woodridge, Illinois; a foggy Hawaiian seascape beneath a rainbow by Scott Reither of Maui, Hawaii; a Great Kiskadee eating berries by Tom Ingram of Campbell, California; a carnivorous Northern Pitcher Plant capturing two spotted salamanders by Samantha Stephens of Ottawa, Ontario; and a California Thrasher in the mouth of a cat by Alice Cahill of Morro Bay, California.

Panels of industry professionals selected the winning images from more than 3,750 submissions. All judges are experienced prize-winning nature photographers with experience as magazine editors, agents, equipment representatives, naturalists, conservation specialists, and documentary filmmakers.

Six runners-up and 12 Judges’ Choice winners are visible at, as are the Top 100 and Top 250 images that did not receive cash awards. 

Day, who has resided in Oklahoma on Lake Tenkiller for more than 20 years, had four other photographs that placed in the Top 250 images.

NANPA’s annual showcase competition began in 2005. In 16 years, the competition has recognized more than 800 of North America’s most accomplished nature photographers. Nearly 2,500 photographers have entered the competition during that time. Winners receive a combination of cash prizes and publicity opportunities.

“NANPA members include some of the finest photographers in the world. They don’t all have recognizable names, but their images deserve recognition, and Showcase provides an opportunity for that,” said Wendy Shattil, who has served as Showcase coordinator since the competition began almost two decades ago.

The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) is a membership-based nonprofit organization committed to advancing the work of nature photographers at all levels of experience who live and/or work in North America. NANPA and its members are especially committed to protecting the environment and promoting responsible photography in the wild. The organization was founded in 1994 by more than 100 of the most accomplished nature photographers of the time. 


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