What happened to Easton Muskrat this past weekend almost became a parent's worst nightmare.

The 14-year-old Braggs resident was in the backyard near his father's shop on Saturday when he and some friends decided to build a campfire. Their one mistake was using gasoline to start the fire.

"I guess some of it jumped up on his shirt," said Matt Muskrat, Easton's father. "He also had a little on his hand. His friends came running to tell me.

"When I got to him, his shirt was about burned off him and the top of his pants were on fire. I got him out while my wife was calling 9-1-1 — we got to him as fast as we could."

Easton was transported to the Alexander Burn Center in Tulsa with burns on 66% of his body, then flown to Galveston, Texas, to the Shriners Hospital for Children and Burn Center.

"Me and my wife drove here to Galveston," Muskrat said. "We arrived here about four hours after he did. I made it in a little under 10 hours — I stopped twice but drove as fast as I could."

Matt said his family is doing fine. His other children are staying with their aunt in Sherman, Texas.

Braggs resident Heather McElhaney has set up a GoFundMe page the help the Muskrats with expenses. Matt said the people at the Shriners Hospital told him not to worry about paying for the hospital care.

"You beat yourself, you know," Muskrat said. "Boys will be boys. We've all done something stupid, but I just couldn't get there fast enough."

Easton has already had one 5 1/2-hour surgery for skin grafts on his stomach. They won't know until Friday if the skin grafts took.

"He's off the vent now," Muskrat said. "We're taking it one day at a time; we're not worried about tomorrow. We'll get through this day, then we'll start over again."

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