Building permits Dec. 13-Jan. 9

Dec. 13-Jan. 9

3801 Crestview Drive, Slape Custom Homes, LLC, single family dwelling, $250,000.

311 N. K St., Lakeland Shopping Center, LLC, certificate of occupancy.

2410 Chandler Road, Superior Graphics, sign, $14,000.

602 N. Main St., Boswell's Auto Parts and Sales, sign, $3,000.

623 S. Fifth St., Charles Buffington, et al., plumbing inspection.

1331 Monta Ave., Harold McElmurry, plumbing inspection.

1015 S. 29th St., James D. Collins, et al., mechanical inspection.

4417 Girard St., James A. Pierret Trust, et al., plumbing inspection.

603 W. Robb Ave., Christina Beaver, et al., plumbing inspection.

2409 Denver Ave., David Joma Lopez, et al., electrical inspection.

323 East Side Blvd., RT&D Properties, LLC, plumbing inspection.

2701 Michael Road, Ernest L. Goodwin, et al., plumbing inspection.

308 N. Camden Place, Carlyle Witherell, et al., plumbing inspection.

5400 Rolling Oaks Trail, James E. Waldron, electrical inspection.

5400 Rolling Oaks Trail, James E. Waldron, plumbing inspection.

609 Jefferson St., Z&J Enterprises, LLP., plumbing inspection.

2423 Court St., Willie L. Lee, et al., plumbing inspection.

512 N. 11th St., Kelly Lee, et al., plumbing inspection.

2616 Boston St., Pete Bajema, et al., plumbing inspection.

1601 Dayton St., Steve Shelby, et al., plumbing inspection.

2314 Boston St., Allen J. Owen, et al., electrical inspection.

3451 Southern Heights Drive, Louie Slape Construction Co. Inc, water service.

103 S. 32nd St., JKJ Corner Stores, LLC, certificate of occupancy, $350,000.

110 W. Martin Luther King St., unspecified, water service, $2,500,000.

3421 Chandler Road, Reef, LLC, certificate of occupancy.

1919 N. 32nd St., QuikTrip Corporation, commercial remodel, $60,000.

2238 E. Shawnee Bypass, Curts Realty, LLC, sign, $1,500.

3300 Chandler Road, Hoopes Properties Inc., sign.

530 S. 34th St., Muskogee County, sign.

1300 S. York St., Sky Yorkshire, LLC, sign, $11,000.

103 S. 32nd St., JKJ Corner Stores, LLC, $4,000.

300 Rockefeller Drive, City of Muskogee, commercial remodel, $900,000.

1805 N. York St., Gazi Jonys, LLC, sign, $1,200.

2450 E Shawnee Bypass, Superior Graphics, sign, $12,000.

2510 Monta Place, John Hammer, residential remodel, $97,000.

415 S. R St., Colby M. Johnson, et al., residential remodel, $20,000.

329 N. N St., Don Ray Spradley, et al., plumbing inspection.

2406 Court St., Sheila Williams, et al., roof, $4,000.

1001 S. C St., Ryder Truck Rental Inc., plumbing inspection.

3371 W. Broadway, Muskogee Holdings, LLC, electrical inspection, plumbing inspection.

3304 Southern Heights Drive, Frank Szabo, water service.

2033 Monta Ave., Brittney Dinardo, plumbing inspection.

928 Choctaw St., Trei Holdings, LLC, electrical inspection.

5000 E. Hancock Road, City of Muskogee, plumbing inspection.

2315 W. Okmulgee Ave., Felipe Andres Santiago, residential remodel.

2920 Williams St., Riggs Properties, LLC, electrical inspection.

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