Dining Spotlight — Bulls Rockin' Cafe

The Red Fork Rocker is Bulls Rockin' Cafe's most popular item, featuring everything from egg to grilled onions on one monster burger. 

Shannon Bull walks readers through what's available at Bulls Rockin' Cafe. 

What are some of your most popular menu items?

"The Red Fork Rocker absolutely sells the most. It’s a monster burger that has egg, ham, grilled onions, sweet peppers, mushrooms and my Rockin’ Southwest Sauce (which has nine ingredients and is similar to like a Bloomin’ Onion sauce.)"

There is a lot of competition for food and dining in the Muskogee area. What do you do to distinguish the restaurant and make it a success?

"I am happy with the fact that we’re able to have such an extensive menu. We have many more items than an average food truck — we’re like a cafe or diner. I also enjoy baking. We’ve catered as little as 20 people, we’ve catered as many as 250 people. Our items are original; my sauce is my own creation, so it’s not something you can buy in the store."

If you serve dessert, what are your specialties?

"I have a cookie of the day, like today was peanut butter cookies. I bake cinnamon rolls, and we can also do birthday cakes as well."

Tell us something fun or interesting about the business that most folks don’t know:

"We’re partnered with the Country View RV Park who have let us set up here as our permanent location. My menu items are named after places on Route 66 — things like the Tucumcari Toaster, the Springfield Stack and the Red Fork Rocker." 

Bulls Rockin’ Cafe

LOCATION: 76138 Highway 69 South. (South of Wagoner)

OPENED WHEN? January in current location.

OWNERS/MANAGERS: Shannon and Terry Bull.

HOURS: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 


ONLINE: Facebook.

PHONE: (918) 781-9607

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