Dining Spotlight: Erly Rush

Three Iced "Erly Rushes" – caramel macchiatos – stand ready for customers from Erly Rush coffeeshop.

How would you describe the general atmosphere or ambiance of the restaurant?

"For our cargo location, we’re more or less doing a recycling thing. It’s energy efficient. We’re all about speed and quality there. There’s a patio outside but that location is mainly a drive-through. In our downtown location, we have a calming, modern environment with some old style. It’s more laid back."

What are some of your most popular menu items?

"The Erly Rush is a caramel macchiato. Our Rushaccinos and all the blended beverages. We also have a bunch of seasonal drinks."

There is a lot of competition for food and dining in the Muskogee area. What do you do to distinguish the restaurant and make it a success?

"We focus a lot more on efficiency and quality, making sure that it tastes good. We don’t want the customer to leave unhappy."

What’s one item you know customers will love if they just give it a try?

"The coconut macchiato would probably be that one. Once people try it, it’s very tasteful, it’s really good."

If you serve dessert, what are your specialties?

"Right now, we mainly serve muffins and scones."

Tell us something fun or interesting about the business that most folks don’t know:

"Erly is named after my grandmother. That’s kind of nostalgic to our coffee shop. We have a picture in the downtown location painted on the wall that’s a portrait of her."

— Chesley Oxendine

Erly Rush

LOCATION: “Cargo” location at 704 N York St.; “Downtown” Location at 204 S. Main St.


OWNERS/MANAGERS: Nicholas Wilks.

HOURS: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

TYPE OF CUISINE: Coffeeshop.

PRICE RANGE: $1 to $7.

ONLINE: www.erlyrushcoffeeshop.com

PHONE: (918) 616-2864.

ENTREES: Erly Rush, Rushaccino, Muffins, Scones.

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