Winners of area legislative, judicial and county races say they're honored and humbled by their victories in Tuesday elections. 

Incumbent State House District 13 Representative Avery Carl Frix said he looks forward to being a voice for his district during his second term.

In unofficial results Tuesday, Frix held 7,053 votes, or 68.8 percent, while Democrat Jolene Armstrong collected 3,198 votes, or 31.2 percent.

Frix said education will remain his main focus.

"We were able to do that teacher pay raise last session, and that was a good start," Frix said. "But, we have to work on classroom funding."

He also wants to focus on job growth in Muskogee and McIntosh counties. He said he wants to work with the Port of Muskogee and State Department of Commerce to land better, higher-paying jobs.

"That will help us out and raise the tax base, give us more funding for schools," he said. "Also, these industries look at how good our schools are. They tie hand in hand."

Frix said he also wants to protect the agriculture industry in the area.

Attorney and municipal judge Bret Allan Smith said he was humbled and "just overwhelmed" after winning the seat for district judge, District 15, Office 2. 

In unofficial results, Smith collected 10,407 votes, or 58.26 percent of the total, while James Walters held 7,457 votes, or 41.74 percent. 

He said he plans to uphold the values of his predecessor, District Judge Tom Alford, who is retiring.

"I just hope I can become half the judge that he is," Smith said.

Smith said the juvenile docket will be a large part of his work. However, he said he looks back on his 10 years dealing with juveniles with the city of Muskogee.

"I have a lot of experience dealing with youth," Smith said. "I look forward to continuing that on the county level."

He said his goal is to "give them a reaching hand and help them out of their situation."

Smith said he plans to spend the next six weeks wrapping up his law practice.

Republican Robyn Boswell said she's grateful and humbled to be elected Muskogee County treasurer on Tuesday.

In unofficial results from the Oklahoma Election Board, Boswell took 11,900 votes for 61.08 percent of the total while Democrat Charlotte Irving-Jefferson took 7,582 votes for 38.92 percent. 

Boswell is finance and budget coordinator and human resources director for the Muskogee County District Attorney's Office. 

She said she does not take over the treasurer's office until July 1.

"But I'll be ready to hit the ground running," she said. "I plan to be prepared for the position on Day 1."

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